Medicine Celtic Folk Rock band in Essex

Medicine were formed by singer/songwriter Mark Barnard in Glastonbury, 1996.

The band, now based in Essex since 2007, are a kick-ass swashbuckling live act playing a mix of foot-tapping original Celtic/rock  songs and a selection of cover songs such as the ever popular 'Devil Went Down To Georgia' and plenty of Irish, Scottish and English trads and jigs thrown in for good measure!

The band are available for Festivals, Private Functions, Weddings, Parties, Establishments  etc. Check out our gigs page for availability and drop us an email to

The new Medicine album is well under way and will be ready for release in the spring of 2012

Thirteen CD
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Children of the Sun CD
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A Drop of the Good Stuff CD
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Black Velvet Band, Drama Queen, Drunker Sailor, St. Nectans Glen, Shapeshifters, We Will Go To Scotland, Tale of the Gypsy, Nothing To Do With Me, Sam Hall, Old Straight Track, Los Dorados, Fields of Athenry, Thirteen.

Children of the Sun. The Ballad of You Know Who. Ms.Anima. Waterfall Song. Blue Paper Song. Believe.  Eye of The Storm. Call to Angels.    Reality of Dreamland, Where You Reign.         Why.

A Drop of The Good Stuff. Walk This Land.     Bonny's Revenge. Edge. The Traveller's Road.   Earth Song. Lie With Me. Lanagan's Ball. Everyday. This is War and Away We Go. Song of Amergin. Green Song.

Medicine Folk Rock 2011